Warmly welcoming Monika Rylska for the 1st time in Greece for an intensive 6 day agility workshop @ DogTime Club!
From Monday to Saturday!Beginner/young dog & advanced groups
For more info, contact DogTime Club (6948333578)
Spots will be reserved in order of priority!

Some words from our instructor:

“I started agility in 2004 with my dalmatian Blue, she was my first dog and tought me a lot of patience and empathy. Then I started working with border collies: Tess, Chica that are now retired. Now I run with Koza and Foka but I enjoy working with all different breeds and teams. I graduated veterinary medicine and I am agility coach for more than 10 years now. I love traveling to different countries and continents.Over years we represented Team Poland many times in EO and AWC, where we took 2 individual medals.I believe in simple system of handling and some consistent rules that allow dogs to understand different situations on the course. Because agility is a team work, I try to make both handler and dog as efficient and trained as possible. My goal is to constantly improve, as your limits are always much further away then you expect 🙂 “